Human Ambiguity

Anki and Etana: return to the space station

Nibiru Anki Empire: the return of Generals Anki and Etana to the Nibbur Main Source space station, while Udug is planning another mission


The conspiracy


After Udug returns to the space station

Utukku UTK Space Station: Etana and Anki were launched into space from Cape Canaveral

and they are reaching the Nibbur Main Souce NBR Space Station, but Udug is preparing

another of his damned plans to obtain supplies and equipment for the maintenance of spaceships.



NASA is under the control of the Anunnaki

but Udug: he inserted some microcips in the cerebral cortex

of some well-known personalities in the administration of NASA and in some political circles of world superpowers.

That allowed the return of the fleet commanded by Udug and Lillit descended on the planet to take advantage

space agencies and refuel all ships with food and supplies; without asking permission from General Anki.

Unfortunately, the psychological character of Udug suffered several traumas, during the invasion of the aliens of Atlantis who appropriated, by force, the planet on which Udug was born.

Exterminating his family, his brothers and his little sisters in cold blood, leaving him in the midst of the rubble, the corpses and the fire.

Not only that, but after a few days that the young Udug wandered among the rubble and corpses in search of something to eat:

some jackals arrived who stole what little he had found and sexually abused it.

It follows that Udug’s character does not respond like that of the anunnaki because when he wants one: what if he takes it by force.

But this behavior is not in tune with the space civilizations that are organized to collaborate

continuously, without claiming that something necessary is necessarily: due.




So Udug is not nice to anyone

in the known cosmic space; and for this: try to get by violating the rules.

Anki and Etana are processing the data received by Anki’s ambassador who has inspected all the obsolete radio frequencies present on Earth.

In fact, the ambassador suspects Udug has performed surgery on some humans, as in the South Pole Hangar:

Anki had found a scalpel still stained with blood.



Anki in relationship with Etana

Etana) General! I found a frequency not recognized by the systems

Anki) Origin ?!

Etana) I managed to locate the frequency in Tajikistan and also at the Cape Canveral launch base but there is still a mystery

Etana) The frequency is repeated by our satellite even if the space station systems do not recognize it

Anki) Surely Udug has bypassed the systems and is exploiting the satellite for his criminal plans.

Anki) You try to intercept the source in space instead of on Earth

Etana) Found! It comes from the Utukku space station

Anki) Try to remotely intervene on the on-board systems and scan the binary code from the control panel

Etana) Done! The transmission contains orders for electrochemical stimuli, the receiver is probably a microcip

Anki) If they are electrochemical stimuli: the receivers are in the human body

Anki) Prepare the fleet: you have to go back to Earth and remove these receivers from the humans in which they are inserted.




Etana: Who takes care of Udug?

Anki) The time has come for me to deal with it. Don’t worry General: think about your mission.

Etana) Will you declare war, General?

Anki) No! With Udug wars are not needed, let alone words; with a laser beam: in a few micro seconds only the memory will remain.

Anki) Aim the laser beam at the Udug space station!

Etana) You males are too impulsive, in my opinion

Anki) Ready for the fire?

Anki’s Fleet) Ready! Target under fire!

Anki) Fire!

Anki’s Fleet) Target centered!

Anki) Operate the wide-beam laser, make sure there is not even dust

Etana) Exaggerated ..

Anki) I told her to think about her mission!

Etana) We are leaving, General do not fret, three seconds to the release, 2, 1, release occurred successfully …

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